Saturday, 22 April 2017

Space Buns

We just got back from Thailand on Thursday and I have finally beaten the jet lag, but the next trip is just one day away, as I'll be leaving to Berlin tomorrow for 3 days. So if you have any tips for Berlin, please leave a comment!

These photos are actually from last autumn and I don't know why I didn't post them before, but I think that this simple look is still quite trendy this spring, so why not post them now! My space buns received a few funny comments in the bar that night: one guy just kept telling me that he has never seen a hairdo like mine before and asked again and again if it took me long to do my hair. Well, everyone who has some experience with longer hair, knows that this kind of "simple" looks usually take at least half an hour swearing, despair and a lot of hair spray when it finally looks at least almost like you wanted it to look.

Thaimaan reissusta ja jetlagista on juuri selvitty ja seuraava reissu on edessä jo huomenna, sillä pääsen vielä loman lopuksi pariksi päiväksi Berliiniin. Mikäli teillä on hyviä Berliini-vinkkejä takataskussa, niin laittakaahan niitä kommenttiboksiin!

Nämä kuvat oli jääneet jostain syystä julkaisematta viime syksynä, mutta mun mielestä tää lookki on sen verran ajankohtainen näin keväälläkin, että laitan ne nyt tähän. Space buns- hiuksista tuli veikeää palautetta Kallion baareissakin, vaikka luulisi siellä näkyvän hullumpiakin hiustyylejä. Eräs herrasmies väänsi terassilla aika kauan keskustelua teemalla "en oo ikinä nähny tommosta tukkaa ja menikö kauan laittaa". Kaikki ikinä hiuksiaan laittaneethan tietää, että tämmösen muka huolettoman tyylin takanahan on useimmiten vähintään puoli tuntia kiroilua ja epätoivoa, ja tietenkin litra hiuslakkaa, sitten kun tukka on suunnilleen kohdillaan.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Spring is absolutely my favorite season. I know I've mentioned it every year and I will keep on doing it in the future too - some things just never change. It's so beautiful in Vienna at the moment, all the flowers are blooming and the landscape is getting greener and greener every day. I've been spending all my spare time outside, mostly with the dog of course. These photos are from our Sunday afternoon walk in the 19th district. If you happen to be in Vienna during April, go for a stroll in Setagaya park: it is a lovely Japanese garden with a tiny lake and gorgeous flowers.

As you can see, it is finally also time for some lighter clothing. This skirt was a total bargain btw: just 3€ from the H&M sale! That's exactly why you should shop summer clothes already in the winter. I believe that summer 2017 will still be all about 80's and 90's vibes, which I am totally excited about. Obviously we are not hoping for some horrible trends from last decades to make a come back, but c'mon who can resist chokers, mom jeans, crop tops and platform shoes? Definitely not me!